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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 9

In hindsight, the station in the opening cutscene isn’t that impressive, even for the Quake 3 engine.  I still think it looks nice though.

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An Experiment – FOR SCIENCE!!! (and soda)

A while ago, I read  my sister’s post on soda ingredients,  and that got me thinking.   It would be nice to some fizzy drink that’s not full of sodium and corn syrup, but I’m not really looking for an expensive and specialized appliance like a SodaStream, and using club soda is just cheating.  I have previously gotten great enjoyment out of making naturally-carbonated root beer and sarsaparilla, so I said “How hard could it be to use those same techniques to make an all-natural fruit soda?  Well, as it turns out; pretty hard, but maybe not in the way you would expect.

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Why Nothing Gets Done Around Here

The wind whistles through the hills.  A lone cricket chirps.  A tumbleweed rolls past.

That is the scene that my mind conjured when I looked at my site after neglecting to post anything for several weeks.

“But why is that,” you ask.  “Have you no ideas?”  “Do you no longer wish to post things to amuse us?”

Well…not exactly.  I have a few ideas, and full intentions to post a great many amusing things.  I just haven’t done it yet.  You see…

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LP Delays and Steam Greenlight

Just to be clear, the two are not related in any way.  Still, I felt it necessary to write a bit about both, so here we are.
The Let’s Play

I have footage recorded for a few more episodes, but it needs to be edited and commented upon.  I really wanted to avoid these kind of holdups, but it is difficult to find enough time, and quiet conditions, to do these episodes.  Still, I’ll try to do a few at once so I can post those at least before there are more delays.


Steam Greenlight

So the Greenlight program for Steam went live, and I’ve had a chance to check it out.  My initial impressions are that I had a much different idea about what it was before I actually saw it.

I thought this would be for finished or mostly-finished games.  Maybe it’s supposed to be, but there are a lot of games in the list that are just a concept.  Is this a bad thing?  Maybe not, but I’m not sure how much this program can do for a game that doesn’t exist yet.

The list is filled with mods, and clones of popular games.  Again, not necessarily bad, but I had in mind original indie games, like the ones already featured on Steam.  In hindsight, I should have expected that this is what Valve had to deal with all along, and we never saw it before.


I might have more to say about this in time, but for now Greenlight seems more like a curiousity than anything else.  What do you think?