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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 6

In an ironic twist, this might get posted before the one where I explain why it’s taking so long to post anything.  Go figure.

Now, to the rants…

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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 5

My viewer has spoken! We tell Telsia it isn’t working out. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure someone else will come along.

This episode presents a lot of things to talk about. I’ll start with the voice acting. A lot of the voice acting in this game is really really bad. One needs only to look at Telsia’s flat delivery in the first part of this episode, or Korban’s over-exaggerated annunciation that sounds like someone kept telling the voice actor, “No no no, more Klingon!” (I do still get a chuckle out of how…enthusiastic he is when describing the new weapon.)

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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 2

After long delays, we return to Elite Force 2.  Now, we start to see a little more of what the game is like.

I apologize for the unreadable subtitles.  They look fine in my source video, but Youtube makes a hash of them when I upload.  I’m still trying to find a good balance between quality and file size for my uploads.

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